Would you care for a drink?

As a way to promote the alcoholic drinks being sold on its platform, Amazon Japan, yes the online retailer, will launch a pop-up bar in Ginza, Tokyo.
The 78-seat “Amazon Bar” will run for 10 days, in the evenings, from October 20th. The bar will be serving cocktails, beer, sake, wine and some exclusive products, only available at the bar. It won’t have a menu but will recommend drinks to customers. It will use an ordering system that suggests drinks, though it will also employ wine experts for those who’d prefer to get advice with a human touch.

The initiative seems to be part of the company strategy of boosting its physical presence to promote products sold. The company has been introducing physical book stores and pop-up stores lately, while also expanding into the grocery space with the Whole Foods acquisition.

Japan is one of Amazon’s four largest markets and is among the world’s biggest alcohol markets. Over the past decade, beer drinking is fading and wine is becoming more popular, followed by whiskey. The number of drinkers has risen by more than 55 and 34 per cent respectively, according to Japan’s National Tax Agency.

If you happen to be in Tokyo at the end of October, don’t miss the chance to pay a visit to the new bar in town!