Would you buy your apparel in a vending machine?

Vending machines at airport terminals are the new strategy of the Japanese fast-fashion brand Uniqlo to grow their presence in the US.

The first vending machine called “Uniqlo To Go” has been installed at Oakland Airport in California, selling 2 of Uniqlo’s signature products: Heat Tech Ultralight down jackets (US$69.9) and Heat Tech t-shirts ($14.90). Both items are available in a variety of colours and styles for men and women.
Customers can use both debit or credit cards and access product via touch screens and a user interface. Once the items are purchased, the six-foot-high vending machine dispenses the clothes in a small box or can.

Over the next two months, the company plans to roll out 10 of the machines in popular US locations. Locations have been decided upon based on their potential for high-traffic and customer visibility.

Since 2006 Uniqlo has opened more than 45 stores in the US, but has struggled to attract shoppers aside from its core audience. The vending machines are the new approach to grow the presence in the US without investing in stores and taking advantage of the high traffic of people like busy airports.

Vending machines to introduce the new products, quite an innovative way to open new markets, don’t you think?