Pushing digitalisation of Malaysia’s retail

The Malaysia Retail Chain Association wants to drive the retail industry to go into the online arena, in line with the government’s aspirations, for better opportunities and to compete better. President Datuk Garry Chua said online adoption among Malaysian retailers is still relatively low, but the initiative to start thinking and adopting digital strategies is there. He also said that online sales contribution is growing, but on a gradual mode.
The MRCA´s expectation is that retail sales this year will grow by 4.5%, being this growth driven by tourism. Themed “Retail Innovation: The Future is Now”, the MRCA Retail Conference 2017 discussed shifting retail landscapes, disruptive technology, digital economy, DFTZ and understanding Gen Y, in line with the government’s aspirations of spurring Malaysia’s economic growth by providing cross-border e-trade facilities for SMEs. The conference was officiated by International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.