No more high heels at work in the Philippines

Most women will agree with me, high heels looks great on you but are not the most comfortable shoes in the world…

In the Philippines, the practice of ordering women to wear high heels is widespread, especially in industries such as retail, restaurants, airlines and hotels. However that is going to change, the Philippines’ labour department has said that as of September 29th companies can no longer compel women to wear high heels, they must allow them to wear practical and comfortable footwear.

The ban came after four women – who work as part-time sales assistants – complained to the union that they had suffered pain from wearing high heels for long hours. Citing health and safety issues, the matter was took to the authorities and the labor department decided to issue the order. Around 1 million Filipina women who are employed as sales assistants will benefit from the policy change, according to the union.

Philippines is the first country to impose a nationwide ban of this nature, banning companies from forcing female employees to wear high heels at work, which is pretty much common sense, isn’t it?