Grow your beard and find love! An Indonesian business model

Well, first the one than the other – at least according to a young entrepreneur from Indonesia Fariz Gamal.

Fariz apparently took 2 decisions: first, to grow a beard to get women to notice him and second, to use Minoxidil to promote the hair growth.

As Asian men however can struggle to grow a beard as the current fashion dictates and rather end up with some patches of what resembles a beard; a solution was needed.

Minoxidil is a a generic / OTC medication that is usually used to prevent, or slow down hair loss. Fariz tried it for his beard, twice a day and proved to be really patient (it takes about 4 months to show real results).

And the result? Now, he has not only a beard and a girlfriend, he has also launched his website and is touring Indonesia to meet his fellow beard brothers he has inspired with his story. So all boxes, and more, ticked.

Movember – Indonesian men are getting ready for you.


His website (in Bahasa Indonesia):