€1bn deal: L’Oréal to sell Body Shop to Brazil’s Natura

Earlier in June this year, the French beauty brand L’Oréal had surprised many by announcing it was in exclusive talks to sell Body Shop to Natura. Now, it’s a final deal: The Body Shop is to be sold in a €1bn (£877m) deal to Brazilian cosmetics company Natura.

Natura was founded in São Paulo in 1969 and is one of Brazil’s most popular natural cosmetic brands. With Body Shop, Natura is able to have a turnover of R$11.5bn (US$3.5bn), with 17,000 employees and 3,200 stores. Over the last years, the Body Shop has faced more and more competition from other brands offering a similar product range based on natural ingredients with no animal testing.

Due to Natura “The acquisition of The Body Shop is a decisive step in making Natura Group an international player in the cosmetics industry. (…) In a sense, Natura and The Body Shop are like twins. We have been walking parallel paths in the past, and today, those paths are converging. We both share a same vision of cosmetics, advocating the use of natural ingredients, seeking to use our business as a platform to raise environmental consciousness.”

(Source: The Financial Times Limited 2017: https://www.ft.com/content/10b37676-5b60-11e7-9bc8-8055f264aa8b?mhq5j=e2 (Status: 4th July 2017)